Prof. Bikoosh

Prof. Bikoosh is the narrator behind all of the Shmoo stories. Prof. Bikoosh is a cultural anthropologist of Shmoo, a world-renowned Shmoo expert, and an accomplished explorer of Shmoo lands.

Prof. Bikoosh carefully composes all of the Shmoo rhymes and literature.

Meet Henry Hoo Shmoo, the hero of How To Be Courageous, a famous Shmoo legend. Prof. Bikoosh said that Henry Hoo became famous among Shmoos for having found the courage to fight off a Big and Scary monster! Get a sneak preview!


It all started when a Big and Scary monster saw Henry Hoo playing just outside of town, one day. It was all down to Henry Hoo Shmoo to stand up to him...