About the



The Shmootown books are designed to help children learn the important social and emotional skills they need to grow. The creator of the books is a trained psychological researcher, educator and scientist. The themes and story lines in Shmootown are guided and informed by psychological research, early childhood education and science.


Shmoo Values

Shmootown is all about community, and sharing fun times! The books are designed to teach children about some of the main emotional and psychological challenges of childhood, and to help them through those. The books are resolutely positive, and promote strong values of solidarity and courage.

Children's entertainment that provides moral lessons without being heavy-handed.

These books are designed taking into account scientific developmental psychology. The Shmoos are great role-models! The books are heart-focused and teach important lessons about overcoming fear and disappointment, and staying true to an

inner spirit of joy and love.